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 How to rate up!

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PostSubject: How to rate up!   Mon Feb 06, 2012 1:24 am

All people start off as first duelists. Then there is requirements to rank up. How to rank up:

NORMAL DUELIST=10 wins or lower on DN (Must be on profile)
PRO DUELIST=100 exp on DN (Must be on profile)
ELITE DUELIST=Win against 3 people in rated 800+ in a rated duel (Admin must be watching and if you lose twice it is reset)
TEAM SPY=Pro duelist or Elite duelist must tell us of another team which is completely random (New team or team you find on a random person's profile)
GFX'ERS=Trade in 100 points and show you have talent of it

You can only rank up one step at a time. For Elite you need to trade in 300 dp before you go for the rate up.

Hope you enjoy our team!!
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How to rate up!
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